Dashing Discord

Want to join the official Discord server of Turnovus himself? Just click the button below!

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Once you've joined, the following rules apply:

  • Occasional profanity (e.g. for exaggeration) is allowed, but I don't want to see it everywhere.
  • No bullying/harassing.
  • Be respectful of others.
  • No spamming unless otherwise specified.
  • Don't give out malicious links, provide appropriate description for links.
  • Respect the roles system. Do not beg for roles, you will receive them as the admins see fit (You may, however, request the "IRL Names" role).
  • Extended use of bots can be considered spamming.
  • Do not use real-life names of other users (unless said user has the IRL Names role).
  • No dirty jokes, references, or innuendos.
  • No vulgar images.
  • Refrain from using alt accounts. One account is acceptable in some cases, but any more will get all accounts banned.
  • Don't send invites to other servers. If you want to invite someone, send the invite directly.